Pixel Gun 3D – A Complete Strategy Guide!

It seems like every game lover is talking about new survival shooter game titled Pixel Gun 3D. The game is perfectly designed for different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. In the game, you will play the role of a custom character and battle against zombies and many other monsters as you go from level to level. The gameplay sounds really interesting but you are required to make much effort in order to cross every level. You are required to blast the enemies and earn some crucial coins in order to boost your power and survive. Not many players have been able to cross high levels of the game as they simply don’t have many coins available in their gaming account. For sure, there are some nice ways of gaining more coins. Interested players can look to apply a quality pixel gun 3d cheats which has the potential to generate unlimited coins in quick time. On the other hand, if you are not interested in taking risk, you can simply try to go for below mentioned tips and tricks:

  1. When you start playing the game, you need, to begin with survival mode. Survival mode is best suited for practicing and will also act as an easy method to earn more coins. In this mode, you are asked to survive against attacks of your enemies and also kill them. According to the gaming experts, strafing is the perfect way to achieve the cause. You are required to move in circles and hold down the fire button.  Just make sure, you aim the head of zombies and try to gain maximum effect.
  2. In the process of killing the zombies or other enemies, it is extremely crucial indeed to aim lower. When you are able to aim lower, it becomes a lot easier to make the transition from killing the crawling zombies to walking zombies. With this aiming technique, your shots will do some significant amount of damage to the zombies no matter where they are hit. Even if you miss the headshots, you will get some points to cross the level.
  3. Just apart from aiming lower, you need to keep moving all the time. When you keep moving, the chances of getting trapped by zombies will reduce extensively.
  4. When you think of completing the stage, you need to focus on three goals in order to earn as many stars as you can. First of all, you are required to kill all the monsters in order to earn one star, the second star would be earned by killing them in quick time and the third start could only be gained when you don’t face any damage while killing the monsters. If you are able to take care of these three vital aspects, the chances of winning more stars and coins will increase a lot.

Certainly , playing Pixel Gun 3D with perfection is not a joke but with our mentioned details, you can make quick progress.

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