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I.M. Kneaded (Therapeutic Bodywork)

The Integrated Massage
80 minutes of massage tailored to your needs, drawing from Swedish, Craniosacral, Reiki, Reflexology and Neuromuscular therapies for a completely integrated and uplifting experience. $110.

I.M. on Pins and Needles (Acupuncture at I.M. Spa)
The World Health Organization list for conditions treatable with acupuncture is huge. The following is a condensed list of conditions we recommend for treatment with acupuncture:

  • back, shoulder, knee, and neck pain
  • sciatica
  • fertility, menopause, painful/irregular periods, pms
  • stress
  • digestive complaints
  • headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • interstitial cystitis
  • insomnia
  • anxiety

$75 per session.

I.M. Swedish Massage
Long, flowing effleurage strokes toward the heart relax you while stimulating circulation, relieving muscle spasms and relieving stress.
25/55/80 minutes. $40/$70/$110.

I.M. Thai'd Massage
Thai massage is done fully clothed on a Thai massage Mat. It is a blend of massage along energy lines and yoga stretches. This treatment lasts from an hour and a half to 2 hours. $140.

I.M. Thai/Swedish Combination
Get the best of both worlds. A 55-minute Swedish massage followed by a 25-minute series of Thai stretches on the mat. $110.

25-min./55-min. personalized one-on-one yoga instruction addresses your body's specific needs, followed by a 25-min./55-min. Stress Point Massage to better solve chronic pain problems and empower you to heal yourself. $70/$140.

I.M. Energized
Energy work using Reiki. Definitely a must do experience. 25/55 minutes. $40/$70.

I.M. Kneaded and Energized
1/2 stress point massage and 1/2 Reiki session. Deep physically to get the knots out as well as deep energetically for the optimum bodywork session. $70.

I.M. Cerebral
Experience Craniosacral Therapy with therapists trained by the Upledger Institute where John Upledger O.D. discovered that the cerebrospinal fluid has a rhythm of its own. CST is a subtle treatment with often profound effects. 55 minutes. $70.

I.M. Having A Baby
Prenatal massage on our oh so popular prenatal table (or choose a sidelying position). I.M. is all about the mamas! Bring your newborn baby in for a complimentary infant massage class.

I.M. Stress Point Massage
Focus your massage where you need it most--back, neck, feet, etc. You decide. 25/55 minutes. $40/$70.

I.M. Raindrop (Full body treatment)
This is, hands down, our spa favorite. 10 essential oils chosen for the specific properties are applied up the spine and on reflex points on the feet. Followed by steam towels for better absorption of oils, stretches, and full body massage. $150.

I.M. Hands, Face and Feet
25/55 minutes. $40/$70.

I.M. Kicking It
The exclusive Barefoot Spa menu for I.M. Spa. See below.

I.M. Duet Massage
Enjoy a massage with a friend in our beautifully designed duet treatment room. 55 or 80 minutes. $140/$220.

I.M. Stoned
Hot river stones from right here in the Ozarks placed on the body and used for the massage. 75 minutes. $125.

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I.M. Kicking It (Barefoot Spa)

The Exclusive "Barefoot Spa Room" Menu of I.M. Spa
Catering solely to your overworked feet
In the Barefoot Spa Room

I.M. Kicking It

  • 10-minute foot massage. $15.
  • 15-minute foot massage. $22.
  • 20-minute foot massage. $29.
  • 30-minute foot massage. $42.
  • 45-minute foot massage. $56.
  • One-hour foot massage. $75.

Experience these services by themselves or add them to your foot massage.

I.M. Stoned (for the feet)
$15 added to any foot massage.

I.M. Focused
$40 salt glow, mud wrap, steam towels, essential oils.

I.M. into Paraffin
$15 for feet.
$10 for hands.

I.M. Steamed
$10 steam towel cleaning and steeping with Tea Tree essential oil treat for the feet.

I.M. Raindrop
$75 Using the specifically targeted essential oils and techniques developed by Gary Young. Specifically targeted essential oils rejuvenate your feet and boost your immune system. The Spa favorite.

I.M. Scrubbed and Rubbed
Salt glow or sugar scrub and half-hour massage. $62.

I.M. Cool and Fresh
Peppermint Scrub for hot summer days.$20.

I.M. of the Essence
Add essential oils to your foot massage. You choose your blend. $10.

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I.M. Into Organic Facials

I.M. Mini-Facial

I.M. All About Face
ustomized for dry, oily, or combination skin types with Gabriel Organics. $70.

The Integrated Signature Facial
Customized to address your skin type with Sibu Beauty. $90.

I.M. Aging Gracefully
Anti-aging facial using Sibu Beauty. $110.

I.M. Peeled 
Glycolic peel. $30 each ($160 for series of 6).

Add-On Treatments

  • Vitamin A – Retin A
  • Derma File
  • Derma Peel
  • Extractions $10
  • Advanced Exo-lift Extractions: These professional grade strips aid in removing congested pores. Recommended for those troubled by blackheads and oily skin. $10
  • Lash Tint $10
  • Brow Tint $10

I.M. the Queen
Steam, Queen Helene Exfoliant, Clay Mask and moisturize with Queen Esther essential oils from Imani Naturals, chosen for their specific line-reducing qualities. $65.

I.M. Tightening and Toning My Face (MicroCurrent Treatment)
Microcurrent treatment uses electrical stimulation to firm and tone skin and facial muscles (as featured on Oprah). $45.

Also available in a package of 12 recommended for fine line reduction for mature skin. Best done in a series. $450 (Save $40). DO IT FOR TWELVE.

Add a glycolic peel to your Microcurrent Treatment. $20.

Acupuncture Facial
Reduce lines, improve muscle tone, reduce bags under the eyes and neck, enhance skin tone, clear acne and rosacea. $125.

Facial rejuvenation package of 10 weekly treatments at 10% discount. $1,125.

The Acupuncture Facial has a huge list of added benefits. Our Acupuncturist also does specific health treatments. Please call or visit the spa for more information. $75/session.

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I.M. Scrubbed, Steamed, Dipped and Wrapped

I.M. Scrubbed and Rubbed (in the Barefoot Spa Room)
Salt glow or sugar scrub from the feet to the knees and a half-hour foot massage. $62.

I.M. Focused
Salt glow, steam towels, and mud wrap for the back or the feet. Can be done on the massage table with a full body massage or facial, or done in the Barefoot Spa Room. $40.

I.M. Wrapped
Whether you're trying to move water from your thighs or luxuriate in the healing minerals of the mud, a full body mud wrap is exquisite. 55 minutes. $110.

I.M. Dipped
Enjoy the deep heating of paraffin as it soothes arthritic joints, stimulates circulation and rejuvenates muscles. Hands/Feet. $10/$15.

I.M. Steamed
Steam towels add-on to any treatment. $10.

I.M. Waxed

  • Face. $40.
  • Eyebrows. $20.
  • Lash Tint. $10.
  • Brow Tint. $10.
  • Lip. $15.
  • Chin. $15.
  • Standard Bikini. $35.
  • Modified Brazilian. $50.
  • Heart-Shaped Brazilian with pink or red tint and vajazzling. $90.
  • Full Brazilian. $65.
  • Back. $50.
  • Chest. $50.
  • Underarms. $35.
  • Arms. $45.
  • Half Legs. $40.
  • Full Legs. $80.
  • Toes. $10.

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I.M. On the Road

Contact the spa director to arrange a spa party in your home.

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Contact I.M. Spa today at 479.251.7422. It's all about health, wellness and community.